A sparrow morning

Morning my coffee time…is the shower time for sparrows..this morning…managed to get few good shots…

A photo blog…

Sprinklers are on…in the morning…& all the birds have a dip…this one deciding whether to have a dip r not


Then he goes..& rolls nicely


Searching for a spot…to mud bathe..& relax


Friends…decide on this spot…


Digs up some mud…& sits


Then splashes himself with sandy mud


Spreads the wings…& splashes all over



As they sit…they multitask…eat if they like something …around


He likes dried twig


He likes fresh shoots

She is all done..just sleepy!

A short nap…then ready for the rest of day…

Then all of a sudden…they vanish into cold air….gone into the dark rainy skies



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