A boat ride alongside of crocodiles

During my last visit to Mandya…one evening I wanted to de stress ….so went for a drive with my brother & cousins …& ended up at ranganathittu..the bird sanctuary….

Not many birds yet…birds from Russia ,are yet to arrive….but few which I got..will be in the 2nd part of this blog…this is for the crocodiles I saw…for years now I have never taken the boat ride,because of crocs…but this time my brothers didn't leave me…it was sort of weird…watching them watch us slyly…here are few pics..they say there are hundreds of them in the mangroves near by…since ages…but they have never attacked the humans or their cattle…they are happy with the fish they find in river cauvery!!







This was just very near…I thought it was a rock…as we neared him he opened his red eyes…

The crocodiles of ranganathittu …mandya



One thought on “A boat ride alongside of crocodiles

  1. Lovely picture. I had been to Ranganthittu 5/6 years ago..Saw the birds and the crocs too. They have their languid style. I do not know if i have the pics.

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