Had never been to one..

But vijay said one has to experience once!

So this evening…went to ragigudda jaathre…near home…

Not much of crowd person I’m!

But surprisingly…I was ok with it..

It was a sea of people!

If you ever want to see people walk…without any purpose…just like that…go to a fair…join in..& you walk..along..

Slowly…the colours…the din..the aromas…the talks…sink in!

And one drowns in that festive mood…

As the dusk…gave way to night…

As the lights shone brighter…

As the crowd swelled…

The carnival…got into me !

In all that chaos…there was a charm..there was a feel…there was a soul..

There was LIFE..,

When everything becomes monotonous..boring…

Go to a carnival ….jaathre…

You will feel alive ..

The balloons ..the ribbons..the bangles..the this & the thats…just made me feel good..

For once I didn’t feel people were loud..or misbehaved!

It was ok to be pushed..& to push others..

Which on other days I’ll detest..

There was a guy getting a tattoo done..dads name!

A guy with a flute amidst colourful pottery

A cart with Indian version of corn..


Another with American corn !

But 3 frames ..

My favourite!

A man with girl headbands,he had worn one too

A tray full of brightest roses ..which were actually hairpins..

A couple who were selling random stuff..the guy had convinced vijay to but an utensil..which I still don’t know how to use!he remembered vijay!i asked him where they slept at night? He said in the same shack! And I said what about your shower /bath..he said twice I have had..only after going home…😳

Fair…fete..fun for some..earning for some..

For me..a first! 

Glad I went…

Remembered a quote …

Happiness is simply….a temporary condition….that proceeds…unhappiness 

Fortunately for us…it works the other way around too..

But it’s all a part of the carnival ,isn’t it??

Federico Fellini
A carnival called life


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