It is many months…since she has been in our garden…

Morning..I noticed these first bunch of flowers…

Longish…whitish with a bit yellow tinge…a delicate fragrance…swaying in the morning breeze..

Very pretty …I thought ..


As I didn't know much about these flowers…I googled..& I found some interesting trivia..

Humming birds…love them..

But sad we don't have humming birds in India ..although we have a bit similar sunbirds..

A belief is ..when you have a honeysuckle in your garden …you are protected from all evil!

It simply signifies happiness ..a Victorian interpretation !

In numerology…it stands for number 3…joy of living

We have two colours..one is this ..white

& an other pinkish !

Thank god for google !

I would have never known all these facts…


Just a last word ..or quote to be precise..

Daughters…are sometimes …as familiar and intimate…as honeysuckles…in bloom…but mostly daughters were mysteries….Benjamin Alire Saenz

If there is any flower I would dedicate for my girl …it will be honeysuckle





2 thoughts on “Honeysuckle

  1. Absolutely beautiful.

    I have had both white & pink honey suckle. Both flower in the evenings. The pink one has a more delicate scent. White has a stronger scent, somewhat similar to jasmine, and we love it. Ideally, the roots should be kept cool & the top in full sun. Try to have it where the wind will blow thro’ it into the house bringing the scent in. The profuse flowers change to yellow in colour before dropping. They are hardy once established. Leave some of the trailing vines under soil & they root, separate and plant or give to friends, you will become very popular. I forgot the given name for this variety- some thing Barr. The Humming birds never visited my honey suckle although the shape of the flower begs to be tasted by them. I put up some pictures in the past of this on our wishing well.

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