Thing of beauty is joy forever


Pink, small, and punctual,
Aromatic, low,
Covert in April,
Candid in May,

Dear to the moss,
Known by the knoll,
Next to the robin
In every human soul.

Bold little beauty,
Bedecked with thee,
Nature forswears

Emily Dickinson …

May be she meant different mayflowers….

In India …commonly these flowers …gulmohar are called mayflowers….

Iit is a delight to watch this tree…fill up twig by twig…and then cover up the whole tree..with not a single green leaf…

And that is the time she attracts lot of birds..of all sizes & colours…& butterflies too…

Spent a calm morning staring at her…sort of Zen feeling…


Just me…morning breeze ..songs of the birds…& clusters of these orangish red flowers…

When the season is Spring
And the month is April
Mornings are indeed wonderful




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