Evening with goats…

I saw goats. A party can’t be all bad when you have goats,” 

Mary Jane Hathaway
This quote is so true..when you are amongst a bunch of goats…

Went to our favourite haunt…a little village in the outskirts…

As I had my coffee I noticed…a shepherd getting back home..

Most of his flock were following him…except three young billy goats..they got curious about us…

First ..went near the car..may be the red attracted…but soon enough they were mesmerised…by their own reflection..on the car…


It was amusing to watch them watch & admire themselves…

If you thought only humans were narcissistic..you should have seen these billy goats..

I then realised …all living creatures are narcissistic…

Then they climbed the raised platform where I was sitting..& stood behind me & watched..,

Any other stare would have irritated me..but I loved the 4 legged stares…

Shared some oranges ..biscuits ….

As sun set..we got up to leave the place..on cue..the three goats ..got down..& walked towards where the shepherd was sitting …

Peacefulness isn’t a set thing ..

It is a feeling..one experiences…it may be big..it may be little..or it may be nothing..

It could be a wee wildflower..or just the evening breeze..or may be the falling leaves…or an unusual little birds song…or just the dark skies..

It could be anything….just have to look for it..& I think ..one should find those moments..& savour it ..before it drifts away…

Peace…is momentary…fleeting..,

Find it.. enjoy it ..while it lasts..


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