A grey hornbill having a snack

I love birds of all sizes,colours & shape….

But the weirdest I find is a hornbill….something very funny about the bird!

But still a delight everytime I get to see it…

Very shy birds…they hide but behind the foliage they sit & they watch you

Somehow I never had good pictures of them..

A little stop at Bannur on the way to coorg….to admire the sunflower farms…gave me a chance to photograph this bird…

It flew into that bark of coconut tree…and it use to hit it hard with its strong beak…& then eat berries…

Only after loading all the pics I realise…it had stored it before hand….and was now snacking on it..

Here are some pics…

That is the best part of nature…she gives you more than 101 reasons to admire her…stopped to admire sunflowers…got to see this side of hornbill..













This is my favourite of all….from the edge of the eyes…watching if I'm watching!


Zazu….you remember him! The lion king fella…yes he was a hornbill….


Not related to this post…

But would like to end my photoblog with ZaZu 's quote from movie…

It is a small world….after all …



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