Where kites dare!

Let us go where the kites dare..

We will go where kites dare…

Shall we?!

More importantly can we?!

Obviously…a NO!

Neither do we have that faith of flying..

Nor are we that pure..

And yes…we aren’t free…

Birds are blessed..they have no borders..

They have no rules..

They are free souls…

Since I can’t be one of them…

I religiously sit on my terrace..in the evening..

And love to watch them fly high up in the skies…

I listen to their songs..chatter…squabbles

It is sort of meditation…

It is soothing ..calming…

Life…somewhere…as you go through it..teaches you to appreciate little things..


As the warm& cold winds…of June blows…

The western winds..full of floating birds…

I remember…Emily Dickinson ‘s quote…..

I hope you like birds..

It is economical..

It saves going to heaven..!

After a long bad day ..just watch the skies…it helps


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