A krishna temple

After spending some time…at the tonnur lake..

Drove down to a narrow village street..

And stopped for a tender coconut ..

Realised there were temples on either side..

One the front door ..we were facing..

The other…we were facing the back side..

So …just like that we decided to go to the latter…

A quiet..& all by itself temple..

But once you enter..it is vast…beautiful…Like any other Hoysala temple..all though the architecture isn’t that intricate..,
Just walked through…taking in the temple sights..

Walked inside..and there are two forms of lord krishna..

On a higher level..Parthasarathy with Sridevi & bhudevi

On a lower level..krishna with his Two consorts 

Did a small Pooja …walked out to the car…

But for a long time ..I was thinking about the soft..still…unruffled…tranquility of the temple..

Despite the fact…the temple & her many pillars…have gone through quite a tumultuous days…

The idols

The first quarter

The still pillars



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