Rainbow morning 

My teacher..a nun at my convent..she often said..if you really want something…you can do three things..pray for it..wish for it..& keep imagining it!

I follow that to this day…

Two examples I can give..

I always told my husband..I wish while I’m having coffee..some evening an owl should come & sit in Front of me..it did..not one but two!

Like wise whenever it rained I wished I could see a rainbow..

This morning..there was a drizzle & sunshine…the two musts for a rainbow..

& not one but a double rainbow..

What a vision..heavenly..

Watched it to my hearts content..until she faded…
Just a bit of trivia I read…

Vibgyor…that is how the colours are arranged.,

But when there is a double..

The primary arc ..inside one follows that rule..red is outermost 

The second the red will be in the innermost band…

So keep imagining..someday you get lucky ..

And no one is going to kill you for that..


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