Fair & her colours

An yearly affair….

A fair at a nearby temple..

My first visit was last year..

I had never been to one..so my first visit was interesting…

So this year went again..

Not disappointed at all

same stalls…same stuff…same aromas…

But…something likeable is in the air..

as the crowd increases..by night..one somehow gets drawn into that sea of people…

Taking in the sights…you walk & walk along with the crowd…you become one of them…

And…the colours…the everyday stuff…the mundane loooks special..,

the stall with earrings…looks attractive

The bangle kiosk

The chains

The plastic stuff otherwise you may not glance..stands out

The little girls stuff

Then the street food,,..beckons you…

I’m always wary about having some…

But gave into the temptation!

Everything there is cheap…mayn’t last more than few days..

But just that joy of picking up at a fair…

Some items were popular..like these cushions

But there is something for all..something one needs…

Like I was looking for earthen lamps…& found nice ones..4 for just 10 rs

A terracotta lantern….

And some tapioca chips..for my helps…

As we moved towards the exit road…

I noticed a corner with all gods…even god wouldn’t understand the complicated world of his here!

Yes we have that many…gods..

They were all on floor..no hang ups…& no issues..

It is us..who create all the drama!

Like wise ..the vendors…very different from each other

sitting together…& getting on with their business….

That is then I realised ….

A fair is like catharsis!

Releases all your tensions….& at least for few minutes…that feeling ..we as human beings enjoy little things more..

One December evening at raagi gudda jathre…


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